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It's never hunted out!

posted Jun 16, 2015, 7:28 PM by Douglas Cruthers   [ updated Aug 12, 2015, 9:51 AM by Monica Whittaker ]

I've been blessed to be able to hunt on an old farm house site for several years now. My dig partner and best friend who recently pass away, and I had visited the site on a number of occasions alway finding cool vintage toys, cap guns and once I found 2 kids rings in the same whole. Well, my last outing was no exception, finds were seeming to dry up at the site until I decided to slow down and did everything. That's when I go a screaming signal that surprised me considering I know I had swung over that very spot more then once in the past. I got a single depth reading of 6" so I knew it had to be something period to the place. As I cut my 6" plug and flipped it over a large disc looking object rolled back into the whole leaving it's original impression on the bottom of the plug.I reached down and picked up the dollar size item realizing I had just dug a way cool token of some sort. With a little field cleaning, it turned out to be a token form 1967 commemorating the purchase of Alaska from Russia back in 1867. Couldn't have been happier to go home at that point, but decided to continue swinging for a few more minutes. That's when I dug my first ever vintage 1930's silver plated pocket watch. The glass face and dials are long gone but the rest of it is fairly good shape considering how long it's been in the ground. I had just marked another item off my bucket list and decided to wrap thinks up for the and save some goodies for another day.  

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