About Us

Mat-Su Dirtfishers Association was established in June of 2011. Four avid detectorist who often got together and shared  their enthusiasm and the love of the hunt. They wanted to share their experience and welcome others who had the desire to participate, hunt and learn. 

We have 30 active members and numerous group participants. We hold monthly meetings and welcome any who want to participate and become active in the sport.

Our Mission

Furthering the hobby of metal detecting by fostering improved relations with land owners, municipalities, state and local governments, and archaeologists; and by providing a venue for social interaction between those interested in the hobby of metal detecting.

Board Members

President: Doug Cruthers: doug.cruthers@gmail.com (907) 982-9188

Vice President: Gene Yockey geneyock@gci.net (907) 688-1527

Secretary: Carol Vandelaar snowcrashak@me.com (907) 382-8550

Treasurer: Glenn Zisa zoids117@hotmail.com (907) 355-1103

 HR Officer: Allen Nichols allen@mtaonline.net (907) 357-2414